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Water Department
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Fax:  870-732-7623


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Michael Lamb
Water Foreman






The water system operates within and, to a limited extent, outside the corporate boundaries of the City. The water supply is obtained from two well fields containing five wells which can supply an aggregate of approximately 14.4 million gallons per day. Water is treated at the well fields by aeration, chlorination and fluoridation. Treatment capacity is approximately 11 million gallons per day. During a drought period in 1989, water demand reached approximately 80% of treatment capacity but historical maximum demand generally approximates 70% of treatment capacity.

Treated water is stored in two finished water ground storage tanks with a total effective storage capacity of approximately 1,050,000 gallons. Finished water is pumped from these reservoirs into the pipeline distribution system and also into four elevated storage tanks having a combined capacity of approximately 3,000,000 gallons. The water main system consists of approximately 110 miles of 6" to 12" pipe from which service lines extend to customer connections.

The City considers its present water system to be adequate for current needs. It may in the future consider adding more treatment capacity but has no present plan to do so.


Water Violation August 2015

2017 Drinking Water Quality Report

Cross Connection Policy

List of Local Certified Backflow Assembly Testers



Water Rates

Minimum Meter Charge Per Month

Residential 3/4 inch $2.89
Com. & Ind. 3/4 inch $4.23
1 inch $8.30
1-1/2 inch $16.60
2 inch $22.10
3 inch $36.00
4 inch $49.90
6 inch $77.50


 Rate:  The net monthly rate (after 10% discount) for water service shall be as follows:

First 1,500 gallons or less Minimum Meter Charge

Next 3,500 gallons @ $.077 per hundred gallons

Next 45,000 gallons @ $.067 per hundred gallons

All Over 50,000 gallons @ $.058 per hundred gallons


The plant has a total of 12 MGD and a daily average of 7.5 MGD with a peak of 10 MGD.   



Metered Water Tap Rates

As of 07-27-2013

3/4 inch 1 inch 1 1/2 inch 2 inch 4 inch 6 inch
$700.00 $850.00 $1150.00 $1350.00 $2500.00 $3000.00



Non-Metered Water Tap Fees

6 inch 8 inch
$2500.00 $3000.00



Extensions in excess of 50 ft based on pipe size

Pipe Size Amount Per Foot
3/4 inch $1.50
1 inch $1.75
1-1/2 inch $2.00
2 inch $2.50
3 inch $3.00
4 inch $3.50
6 inch $5.00
8 inch $7.00


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