Becoming an Outstanding Candidate


You must prepare for every stage of the hiring process. This includes the initial testing process, interviews, background investigation, etc. The prepared are noticed and so are the unprepared. Be noticed for the right reasons. Maintain physical fitness and practice wellness. 

It’s up to you to be the most prepared candidate.

Follow the Application Instructions

You must read and follow meticulously all instructions. Application (PDF) and background forms must contain all required information. Failure to follow written or verbal instructions reflects poorly on the applicant, and in some case may result in disqualification. 

Public safety positions demand rigorous attention to detail and thoroughness. Sloppy, incomplete and error-filled paperwork may indicate an applicant’s lack of attention to detail and a lack of overall professionalism.


In all stages of the selection process, be completely truthful. This means providing total and complete information. Information provided at each step of the process is validated against information that was previously provided. 

We never expect to find a perfect applicant but dishonesty in any form will result in immediate disqualification and is the number one reason applicants are eliminated from the hiring process! Integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness are essential.

Communication Skills

Oral and written communication skills are critical in public safety occupations and are emphasized in the testing process. Make eye contact with all board members during the interview and give concise and confident answers.


Arrive at all appointments at least 15 minutes early. Arriving late for an appointment will not be accepted. Anticipate any possible delay.

Professional Business Attire

Dress and groom professionally and conservatively. Remember you never get a second chance at a first impression. The West Memphis Police Department expects professional dress and grooming in each of its officers and doesn’t expect less in the applicants. If you’re unsure what constitutes conservative attire and grooming, ask someone who knows.

Candor & Sincerity

Demonstrate our character values:

  • Candor
  • Conviction
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Sincerity

If you’re not yourself, it will show. We want to see who you are, how you think, and what your values are. During the interview the board does understand that you are nervous, they were in your shoes once before also. If you need to, take a second and a deep breath before answering.

Know Yourself

Know why you want to be a part of the West Memphis Police Department and begin a career in public safety. The only way we will know your potential in a 20- to 30-minute interview is if you know yourself.

Listen Carefully

Be an active listener, especially during the interview process. Listen carefully to the question asked and think before you respond. Take a few seconds to formulate a thoughtful, concise answer.